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The Umbrellas, Jeanne-Claude & Christo . Isn´t it beatiful?

Glowing Sphere, Florence, Italy, Angel Orensanz

Bound trees, Angel Orensanz, Rue de l’Assumption, Paris, France, 1990 

Aluminum Forest, Montreal, Canada, 1995, Angel Orensanz

Nasa´s lab, Angel Orensanz, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, 2003

Transparensarency, 2007, Countryside, Paris, France, Angel Orensanz

The Titanic That Never Reached New York, Art Installation in the Angel Orensanz Foundation, by Angel Orensanz.

And today is our Gallery Opening! Pass by the Angel Orensanz Foundation in 172 Norfolk St., New York City between 6 and 11 to enjoy with us! To know more, just click here:

Ground Installation, Angel Orensanz

The Angel Orensanz Foundation is presenting Burning Bronzes, get to know more here:

Intervention in Akita, Japan, by Angel Orensanz.

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