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The beach, the spheres, the colors. That is Angel Orensanz. 

Earth Face, Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC, 2003, by Angel Orensanz 

Early Bloom, New York City, 2005, Angel Orensanz

The Fusillade at the Mountain(Homage to Goya), 2004, Angel Orensanz Foundation, NYC

Sphere of the World, Zaragoza, Spain, Angel Orensanz

Wind Tides, Penza, Russia, Angel Orensanz

Colors in the lake in Central Park in New York City.

La felice instabilità dell’arte. 
Castello della Cuba, Palermo, Italy

In this summer day, what better than a swinming pool? Interpretacion, Sindney, Australlia, by Angel Orensanz.

Burning Universe, by Angel Orensanz in Venice, Italy